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Ningbo Shinestar Lighting Co., LTD
Tel: +86 574 65165565 / 88
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Address: No. 2 West Xing he Road,
Qiaotouhu Industrial Zone, Ninghai
Town, Ningbo City 315610, China
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     Shinestar as a professional lighting manufacturer is integrated design, planning, engineering and production. We can give you advice on the best way to use our standard luminaries or to rapidly develop a new product based on your idea, sample or drawing.

     Equipment: As a factory we do all the follow process in order to control the product quantity which including: tooling, die-cast injection, pre-treatment, polishing, coating, punching, bending, plastic injection, assembling, loading and transportation arrangement. We own die-casting machines, plastic injection machines, sandy blasting machines, automatic coating system, CNC Turret Punch Press machine, assembling line and testing center.

     Testing center:  we can offer water proof testing, salty spray testing, photometric data testing, thermal testing, lamp parameter testing, high point, earthing, lighting and RoHS. Nowdays we are authorized as County Center of Engineering and Technology. We will invest more on testing equipment and capability.
     Quality Control: we have always contained high quality products at competitive price and we remain decided to supplying the market with these well-established luminaries. We comply with EURO and USA certificate and requirements and meet all current safety and technical standard.
     Certificate and system: ISO9001, ISO14001, GB/T28001,TUV CE, SGS LVD, SGS EMC, UL

     Finally we thank our loyal customers who support us so far and we are confident that our partnership will continue with qualified products and improved service.




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